Where can you find the serial number on a Rolex?

The location of the serial number can vary depending on the model and age of the Rolex watch. Here are the most common places to find the serial number:

1. Between the lugs

For most Rolex watches, the serial number is engraved between the lugs on the side of the case, just below the 6 o'clock position. To view the serial number, you may need to remove the bracelet or strap from the watch. Look for a combination of letters and numbers etched into the metal.

2. On the rehaut

The rehaut is the inner edge of the dial, between the dial and the crystal. In most Rolex models from 2005 and newer, the serial number can be found engraved on the rehaut. Look for a series of tiny, laser-etched numbers around the dial at the 6 o' clock position.

3. On the back of the case

While less common, certain Rolex watches, like the Oysterquartz or The Oysterquartz Day-Date have the serial number engraved on the back of the middle case. . To view the serial number, you'll need to turn the watch over and inspect the case and its lugs.

4. On the warranty card or paperwork

If you have the original warranty card or paperwork that came with your Rolex watch, the serial number should be documented there. Rolex typically includes the serial number on these documents for reference and authenticity purposes.

Check your serial number

If you own a Rolex and are curious about its age, you can easily find out by decoding its serial number. The serial number is a unique identifier that provides valuable information about the production date of your watch. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of determining the age of your Rolex using its serial number.